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Guidelines to Select a Law Firm

For the purpose of practicing law, a business may be set up by one or more lawyers and is referred to as either a law firm or a law office. There are various types of law firm arrangements. The common ones include sole proprietorship where one attorney is responsible for all profits and losses incurred and partnerships where the firm’s attorneys share profits and losses. If a partnership is established between lawyers, services are offered a common name. Profits, management roles and also liabilities are shared by these partners. Other lawyers maybe engaged to offer their expertise under the name of the firm. Associates is the name given to these employees. Many years go by for prospect associates to become partners. Nevertheless, I accordance to the “up or out policy”, if an associate does not become a partner, it is required of them to resign and work in another law firm or become sole proprietors.

Both companies and individuals in need of advice concerning their lawful rights and responsibilities pay an agreed sum of money to these firms to be assisted. Clients are also represented in courts or other legal processes by law firms. Firms that is big enough comprise of litigation and corporate departments. The sector involved with litigation tends to the needs of clients involved in disputes by representing them in courts or legal processes. On the other hand, the advice is given to companies concerning their corporate deals by the corporate department.

Depending on size, location, legal topic at hand and the type of practice offered, one can choose a law firm amongst the many types that exist. Depending on size there are solo law firms where a single attorney runs the business. As much as these attorneys can handle different types of legal cases, some of them choose to specialize in a particular field of law. Approximately six to ten attorneys are appointed in a small law firm. This makes possible collaborations between attorneys in legal cases that may be difficult to be handled by one. On the other hand, large law firms can range from several dozens to thousands of employees . These firms specialize on all areas of the law.

Specific areas of the law are being dealt have been chosen by some firms and are dealt with exclusively. These practice areas constitute: criminal law which involves defense of a criminal arraigned in court; personal injury cases which encompasses legal cases not covered under a contract; Legal cases arising in a family which constitute family law. The representation of clients by divorce attorneys in divorce law is also a part of family law and it involves the plea for child custody and the distribution of property in presence or absence of a prenuptial agreement. The choice of a law office also depends on the client’s status such as finance, location, legal need and work preferences.

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