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Tips on How to Treat a Nose Bump

In as much as a nose plays an important role in ensuring our wellbeing, not so much attention is paid to it, until something goes wrong. Developing a sudden bump on the nose may be a reason for great concern. An injury or a pimple may cause a bump on the nose. Getting rid of a bump on the nose may be quite a challenge for most people. With this regard, you may need to look into the following tips to effectively get rid of nose bumps.

Daily skin cleansing with a gentle cleanser that contains salicylic acid is one of the tips of getting rid of a bump on the nose. Through the use of the cleanser, you will be able to get rid of dirt, oil, dead skin and also makeup which may cause an infection to your skin. With the help of a cleanser, you will be able to unclog your skin pores, and get rid of excess sebum which is known to cause acne and bumps on the skin including on the nose.

An effective way of getting rid of a nose bump caused by an injury is washing it with soap as soon as you get the injury to avoid getting an infection. By applying ice to your nose bump, you will be able to restrict the flow of blood to the wound thereby reducing the swelling. Based on the fact that heat enhances blood flow, using a warm compress will go a long way in ensuring that the injury heals faster, hence getting rid of the bump. Vinegar is also known to be an effective home remedy that effectively helps in healing of bruises, hence the need to try it out.

The topical ointment will help in getting rid of excessive oil, thereby ensuring that your pores are less clogged. However, you should keep in mind that the ointment can dry out your skin if used excessively, hence the need to start with one daily application. By smooth moisturizing your nose on a daily basis, you will be able to get rid of the bump over time. The daily smooth moisturizing over your nose will hydrate your skin; thereby help in regulating your oil production.

Another tip for getting rid of a nose bump is exfoliating your nose once a week. It is recommended to scrub your nose once a week since doing the exfoliation too often may irritate the bump on your nose, hence making it hard to heal. By visiting a dermatologist, you will be able to get the right treatment for your nose bump in case all other remedies fail to work.

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