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A Guideline for Choosing the Best Car Seat for your Baby

Following the advancement in technology today, there are quite a number of car seats for babies and toddlers. Selecting the best one from the hundreds of them might not be easy but considering a number of factors, the process is made much easier. Here is an ultimate guide if you are planning to purchase one.

If you are looking to buy the most suitable car seat for your baby or toddler, it is important that you become familiar with the many options available out there. There are some types that are particularly made for infants and others for toddlers. Getting to know the different types will help you make the correct decision in the end. There are other features that you ought to look at when buying a car seat for your loved one. For example, the best one ought to have features like non-twisting straps or built-in locking clips. Good installation is a must because it is one of the basics of safety.

The next thing you need to consider when purchasing a car seat is whether it would be the most appropriate for the baby or not. By noting down the baby’s weight, height and age, determining the most suitable seat would be a challenge. If your baby is newborn, you will have an easy time since most of the seats are usually rare facing. However, for older babies, having these features in minds crucial as you don’t want to get a car seat that will soon no longer be able to use. In addition, you need to understand that the convertible car seats including the forward facing seas are most suitable for babies who have already turned one year old. In case of a rear-facing seat, the baby’s head is recommended to be one inch below the top. For a front facing car seat, the baby’s ears ought to be slightly below the seat’s top.

The next important thing you want to consider when purchasing a car seat for your baby is the latch. There are two major varieties available in the market namely, the push system and the hook system. If you want the simplest to deal with, you can consider the push system. The number of latches needed will depend on the design of the car seat. The back facing seats will only need the lower anchors but the forward facing ones will need all of them.

Even the costly kids ‘car seats are never safe if not installed in the right. Thus, to make sure that your baby is safe enough you need to take your time to read the manual and grasp all the information provided.

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