Get to know the Jayawijaya Mountains, the Indonesian Eternal Ice Place

Indonesian Eternal Ice is stored in the peaks of Jayawijaya Mountains, Papua. Let’s recognize the mountains that are still full of mystery.

These peaks are Puncak Jaya, Sumantri Peak and East Carstensz Peak. The three peaks are at an altitude of around 4,600 masl and are difficult to touch. But unfortunately, according to BMKG the eternal ice will disappear in the period 2025 until 2030. interviewed Marcelino Yonas St, M.Eng. Marcel, as he is called, is the Chair of the Geological Engineering Study Program at Cendrawasih University in Jayapura.

“There is tectonic activity between the Australian continental plate and the Oceanic Pacific plate under the ocean for a long time. Simply, Papua was once under the sea,” he said.

“The plate resulted in a row of Jayawijaya Mountains extending relatively west to east,” he added.

According to Marcel, the Jayawijaya Mountains stretch from the neck of the island of Papua to the tail in Papua New Guinea. That is, this mountain range stretches very long across 2 countries.

There are many interesting things in the Jayawijaya Mountains. One of them, as can be found in fossil shells in the mountains.

“Examples in the Wamena hills that are still in the Jayawijaya Mountains range. There are ammonite fossils on limestone. The limestone was once in a shallow and interesting sea to be investigated further,” he explained.

One thing that underlined Marcel, Jayawijaya Mountains is also rich in economic minerals in the form of gold and copper. The amount is not small, but there are many!

“Variations in the rocks in the Jayawijaya Mountains as a result of tectonic activity from these 2 plates have resulted in many rock outcrops that are of an economic nature. In addition, the activity of many fault zones around the Jayawijaya Mountains is a trigger for the presence of gold and copper,” Marcel explained.

Regarding tourism, the Jayawijaya Mountains are truly the best adventure places. Because, featuring extraordinary beautiful landscapes, richness of flora and fauna and rock formations.

“The Jayawijaya Mountains are a gift from God, proof of heaven falling to Earth.