Peek at the splendor of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

If you’ve ever watched the movie “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” or “X-Men”, of course, you are familiar with this one bridge. The Golden Gate Bridge, located in San Francisco, California, United States, connects the city of San Francisco with the city of Marin in the north. The bridge that rises firmly above the waters was built since 1937 which was inaugurated by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. For 27 years (1937-1964), the Golden Gate Bridge holds the title of the bridge which has the longest suspension in the world with a length reaching 1280 meters. Not only as a liaison for two cities in California, but this bridge is also one of San Francisco’s landmarks known in the eyes of the world. It is decorated with orange paint, has wide waters, and has a stretch of wilderness that adds to the grandeur of the bridge which is one of the attractions in the city of San Francisco. The Golden Gate Bridge is the masterpiece of an architect from Ohio, United States named Joseph B. Strauss. He succeeded in realizing an idea that had existed since 1916 in 4 years (1933-1937). Although he was an architect, he also liked the world of literature which later wrote poetry for this bridge. There are 3 poems written by him, “The Mighty Task is Done”, “The Golden Gate Bridge”, “The Redwoods”.

Following the place where the bridge was built, the naming of the Golden Gate Bridge also refers to the waters, namely the Golden Gate Strait that connects San Francisco Bay to the Pacific Ocean. The grandeur of the Golden Gate Bridge which is designed to withstand earthquakes is supported by approximately 1,200,000 bolts. A number that is very much indeed, but very reasonable when you see a bridge that hangs over the waters for the safety of passing bridge users.

If you look at a glance maybe this bridge seems ordinary but if you look carefully, there is a beauty that is owned by the Golden Gate Bridge. Beauty that always radiates especially when the sun bathes it both at rising and setting or in every photo. Not only does it look beautiful in the sunshine, but this bridge also shows its beauty at night with a beam of lights mounted along the road. The beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge can be enjoyed directly on foot along the shore which is a special area for pedestrians and bicycles. If you depart from the San Francisco side and are tired of riding your feet after walking along the bridge while enjoying the surrounding scenery, you can take a break at Vista Point which is located at the end of Marin’s city bridge that overlooks the San Francisco city before returning to the point where you started the journey .